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09 September 2012

BOOK: Natural History of the Colugo

Title           : Natural History of the Colugo
Publisher   : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
ISBN          : 978-967-412-074-0
Year           : May 2013
Price          : RM75 (Malaysia)
Author       : Dzulhelmi Nasir
Illustrator  : Dzulfeqar Nasir
Photos       Ahmad Syazwan Saidin, Dzulfeqar Nasir, Dzulhelmi Nasir, Karen Beverly Seem, Muhammad Rasul Abdullah Halim, Pui Yong Min, Siti Mariam Jamaluddin, Suriyanti Su Nyun Pau, Willy Chin Siaw Min

SynopsisThe Colugo is a nocturnal cryptic creature which can be found in the rainforest of South East Asia. Its gliding ability as a perfect adaptation and evolution to the animal kingdom has became the fascinating thing about this creature. Searching for them in the tropical rainforest can be a challenging task. But, it can also be an adventurous life experience when there are such opportunities to observe them for real in their natural habitat. This book provides useful information on the life history of the Colugo inclusive of amazing artistic illustrations and stunning colour photographs of the Colugo in action that can bring us into the natural world of the Colugo. Recommendation at few places which guarantees the presence of the Colugo and the high probability to see this wonderful creature in their natural habitat are also included.